Are you HOLIDAY ready?

Do you want to be the only group of holiday makers on the continent this summer not sporting some super witty custom t-shirts? You can already picture it. Kicking yourselves at the airport because you forgot to get in touch with us over at Designs A Like and now you are the blandest group in the departures lounge. It is not a good start to the holiday is it? And the really sad thing is that it is so avoidable.

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In all seriousness though, custom t-shirts are a necessity for your summer holiday. Somebody will get lost at some point; whether it’s at the airport or on the beach, it’s much easier to spot your group if they are all wearing the same printed t-shirts. For this reason we recommend printing on to bright t-shirts, preferably pink or orange as both of these colours will accentuate your glowing tan. It is also pretty much a given to print the name of the t-shirt wearer on the back so that the locals will know how to approach you and ask for your number!

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