Team England tracksuits for dance world cup 2018

Designs Alike create the UK Teams kit for the Dance World Cup 2018

Early 2018, for the third year running, I designed the kit for Teams England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland competing in the Dance World Cup…the largest dance competition in the world. DWC 2018 took place in Sitges, Spain. In just 3 years we have seen the number of participating countries increase from 33 to 46 and the number of dancers rocket from 3037 to 5841. The UK teams have grown year on year so that’s an awful lot of tracksuits!

Team England tracksuits for dance world cup

Dancers from Jelli Studios proudly showing off their new England kit

Each year I meet with Jo, the Team Manager and, over a cup of tea and a piece of cake in the John Lewis café, we discuss colours and ideas, before I go back to the office to come up with some bespoke designs for the Teams. Jo likes all of the dancers to have the same style of tracksuit but it’s important that each country can be distinguished so the relevant flag is always on the jacket somewhere! Last year we wanted the flags to really stand out so I designed the garments around them and ended up with these stunning tracksuits, crop tops and shorts.

Team Wales dancers in their team tracksuits

Some of the dancers from Team Wales flying the Dragon

Dance World Cup tracksuits

The tracksuits designs were created around the country’s flag

Team Scotland tracksuit Dance world cup

Each dancer is so proud to be representing their country

All dancers who qualify for the Dance World Cup work so hard to achieve their dream and so there is no wonder that they are proud to wear the team tracksuit bearing their country’s flag.

Christmas Greetings!

Our festive Christmas window

Our festive Christmas window

It’s been a very busy year for us here at Designs Alike. It started with another great success exhibiting at Move It Dance Extravaganza at London Olympia where we had loads of new enquiries for our made to order dance clothing. We booked again straight away for 2016 and are looking forward to another fantastic show.

Our swimming T-bag tops are still very popular and we picked up loads of new swimming clubs this year and are now proud suppliers to several large clubs such as Stanway Swimming Club and Wolverhampton  Swimming Club for whom we designed a complete new club kit. We’ve been selling our made to order onesies to lots of swimming clubs this year too so many early morning swimmers will be arriving at the pool warm and cosy ready for training!

One of our regular customers, Sparkle Dance & Fitness asked us to help with designing costumes for their show and subsequently put in a huge order for sequin skirts, Irish dance dresses and cheerleading tops. Their show went well and hopefully we’ll be able to supply their costumes for next year!!

We’re very excited about Dance World Cup 2016 as we’ve been chosen to manufacture the tracksuits for Teams England, Scotland and Wales. Designs are done and we’ll be gearing up in January to start the 500 or so tracksuits ready for April…it’s going to be a busy start to the year!

Well, we only have a couple of days left before we close for Christmas festivities. The Designs Alike team have worked extremely hard all year, and particularly over the last few weeks when we had over 200 onesies to make so they are all looking forward to a well deserved rest! We would like to thank all of our customers for their orders and support throughout 2015 and wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A Merry Christmas to All!!

Well Christmas is almost upon us and all of us here at Designs Alike will soon be able to enjoy a well earned break. We have been making loads of tracksuits, dance stuff and hoodies but by far the most popular garment this year has been the onesies…we’ve made hundreds in the last few weeks!! In fact, the onesie has really taken off for us and we now supply them to dance schools, gym clubs and swimming clubs (yes, apparently the onesies arreboing worn to and from the pool by those swimmers who have to go out early in the morning to train!)

We experienced huge numbers of orders prior to our cut off for Christmas deadline and the team have been working amazingly hard to get them completed. Despite problems with sickness due to a bug going round and also some of our printing machinery breaking down we’ve managed to get nearly all of the orders out on time. Fortunately a couple of customers were very understanding and have agreed to take their delivery in early January so a big thank you to them!

My biggest thank you goes out to my team who have worked extra hours, taken work home, come in despite feeling rotten and throughout all this have remained up beat and positive.  I really appreciate all of their hard work and support…Designs Alike wouldn’t be the same without them!!

So, to all of our customers and to my amazing team I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


                                                       christmas window

Christmas Jumpers

Get the Christmas spirit off to a fun start! We love our range of festive jumpers, all available at £20.00 each. Available in sizes S-2XL.

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Great response from Move It 2014!

We had a great response from Move It this year…the onesies went down well again and, in fact, we were the only company offering made to order onesies. We’ve already had several dance schools who have ordered samples and hopefully this will lead to many more!!

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Made to order onesies

Designs Alike at MOVE IT

MOVE IT is the UK’s biggest dance exhibition taking place from 7-9 March 2014. Join Designs Alike for an amazing three day celebration of dance in all its forms. 20,000+ visitors watch performances, take part in classes, purchase dancewear, audition and have fun!

We will be there over the weekend to show you lovely people our wide range of MADE TO ORDER garments. Come by and see us, we are on stand 309!